Saturday, April 23, 2011

Odds and Sodds

Well I've made a last minute decision to head to Bright's Grove (near Sarnia) rather than Pelee... Why? In search of hawks! Hopefully I'll have lots to report from there!

For now, Some Odd's and Sods:

One of my favourite songs - by the Odds

Spending lots of time out in the field usually results in a number of odd and moderately exciting sightings:

(I need to do something with these terrible photos)

Adult Little Gull in breeding garb. One of the most stunning birds in the world, in my opinion (a better photo would do it justice) but who else has a LIGU and a turbine blade in the same photo?

Short-eared Owl totally ignoring some turbines... All this extra wind we're making is really going to help blow in more exciting rarities than ever before. 

Broad-winged Hawk from one of those nice days in April we've had. I wonder if the birds are as annoyed with the weather as us. When do they migrate?

One of 4 Coyotes that I saw on my "big coyote day". 

Female Pileated Woodpecker nesting in a telephone pole.. I wonder what the hydro guys think of this!

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  1. You didn't miss much at Pelee today, but a few new birds are in. Just nice to be out in the warm, sunny weather!