Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boreal Snaketail in Sault Ste Marie

Last Wednesday in Sault ste Marie, a Boreal Snaketail allowed me to snap some pics at Point des Chenes park (near the airport, on the lakeshore).

Check it out here:

This was a new species for me, not that it's really rare or anything, I'd just never been far enough north in the right season (and looking) ! (for the most part) ..  ... 

I've pumped this a few times, and ode season is nearing its end for 2011, but please feel free to join up to the Ont-odes group if you want to know what ode'rs are looking at in the province!

There's some cool talk in there recently about Common Green Darners ! Check it out!

+ one last pic of the Boreal Snaketail


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  1. Neat. I can appreciate all your words about "widespread", "not rare", "wrong place at wrong time" but I would be thrilled to see this too. And you only have to drive to the Soo!! They must occur closer to home in Nipissing or Renfrew County.
    Good for you for giving a plug to the odes group. Not enough dragonfly watchers are posting I think.