Friday, September 2, 2011

Dragonflies of Netitishi Point, James Bay

Here's the rundown on the Dragonflies of Netitishi! August 13-25 roughly..... For now, just a checklist order, some notes, and some reference shots:

Northern/Common Spreadwing
Spotted Spreadwing
Canada Darner
Lake Darner
Variable Darner (multiple subspecies)
Sedge Darner
Zigzag Darner
Subarctic Darner
Common Green Darner
Delicate (Franklin's) Emerald
Four-spotted Skimmer
Wandering Glider
Spot-winged Glider
Saffron-bordered Meadowhawk
Black Meadowhawk
Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
White-faced Meadowhawk


I didn't spend much time looking for the little guys, and ended up seeing very few. \

Darners were very interesting.....

--- Lake Darner was far and away the most common species, out numbering all of the other darners combined

--- Canada Darner was uncommon, but caught a few times

---- Subarctic and Sedge Darners were new for me, and I was usually able to capture a few per day. Often in feeding Darner swarms

--- Zigzag Darner was also a new species for me, but I was only able to catch a single male.

--- A single (very fresh) Common Green Darner ... The Ontario Odonata Atlas doesn't show any records anywhere near Netitishi Point...

Several Delicate Emeralds were caught and observed... I didn't try too hard for odes up there, but I thought I would have had more than 1 species

Wandering Glider  was seen on one of our first days, which I thought was a pretty exciting record. Then a few hours later we saw a Spot-winged Glider --- which seemed REALLY unusual. Clearly Netitishi Points abilities as a vagrant trap were shown in the bugs as well as the birds... We ended up seeing MULTIPLE Spot-winged Gliders just about every single day it was warm or sunny. It seems that they must have made a colony earlier in the summer, and were now numerous. Totally unexpected  --- but very cool !

4 species of Meadowhawks was fun, but not unexpected! Black Meadowhawks are a northern species, but very common up there.


And some reference photos: the "quality" photos will be saved for future postings! (Whenever I get them properly edited)

Canada Darner - very similar to the much more common Lake Darner (at least, more common up there).. In Algonquin Park, Canada greatly outnumbers Lake:

Lake Darner (female) --- I don't think I had every seen a "Blue female" Lake Darner before this trip...  All others (i can remember) were a bright/lime green like this one (bottom pic) 

Funky "lineate" Variable Darner... Was nice to see a bunch of these (and other variations) 

Lifer #1 - Sedge Darner female... A fun pastel green colour I had never seen on a Darner before... 

Lifer #2: Male Subarctic Darner

Lifer #3 - a male Zigzag Darner... This was a very tiny species

Vagrant(?) #1 - Common Green Darner... Very fresh, and must have emerged somewhere nearby?

male Delicate Emerald

Four-spotted Skimmer... Getting late?

Crazy crazy Spot-winged Glider - with multiple individuals seen!? Much duller brown than the bright Orange Wandering Gliders... Which we saw, but didn't photograph up at Netitishi 

Saffron-bordered Meadowhawk -- a big species, found patrolling Netitishi Creek

Female Black Meadowhawk... A species I rarely rarely see, but it sure is fun to go up north where they are mega-common... 

Shameless plug: Join the Ontario Odonata Group to learn more about Dragonflies!

Ask questions, post sightings, whatever! Things may be pretty slow until next spring though.... 

Again, "quality" photos will arrive in the future!

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  1. Great post Brandon. I was waiting for this one. I've been looking for Subarctic and Zigzag Darners in our local peatlands - no luck yet. I too was surprised at your Pantala encounters and the scarcity of emeralds. 'Can't wait to see more photos.