Thursday, September 15, 2011

a quick look at that adult Sabine's Gull

Some quick bloggy stuff: here's the adult Sabines Gull from Sept 11, 2011 (My Dad and I had on our most recent zodiac adventure, which turned up ~39 Sabines)

A very nice lookin bird, if I do say so myself! It's just too bad the darn thing didn't come closer in the good light (flew a few feet behind us in the wrong light). 


And some extra filler: Some abnormally pale birds I've seen on the interwebs recently:


Birding forecast: today (or maybe tomorrow??) should be good hawk flights along the Lake Erie shoreline... As of 10am, there is some lingering precipitation in the wrong areas... So maybe that will throw a monkey wrench into todays plans... but one of these two days should be good!

The weekend is looking like Zodiac weather for my Dad and I ... Now I just have to get some bread stored up... Hopefully some more cooperative Jaegers! I bought a new "boat lens" recently, so it's time for some birds around the boat to test it on... As silly as it sounds, we've had a pile of Long-tailed Jaegers recently, so it would be nice to test it out on the faster/more aggressive Parasitics (or Pomarines! Please?)


  1. Beauty!
    The first Sabine's I ever saw was an adult! (Point Edward).

  2. Ya man, its an ok....shot! lol. Pretty sweet, think you have a decent shot at POJA this weekend. Can't believe how cold it is. Something good should turn up, hopefully I will be able to force you to come down to Pelee tho.