Gull Page !!!

A gull page so awesome, it has Jaegers, Cackling Geese - and Hoary Redpolls too. Almost all from Ontario



Species pages:


Gull Rarity Highlights


"Special ID" Gulls


Iceland / Kumlien's / Thayer's Gulls


Lesser Black-backed Gulls


Herring Gulls




Regular Hybrids:


Nelson's Gull (Herring X Glaucous)


Great Lakes Gull (Herring X Great Black-backed Gull)


Herring X Lesser Black-backed Gull


Rare Hybrid Gulls



Small Gulls:


Sabine's Gull


Ivory Gull


Little Gull


Black-legged Kittiwake





Long-tailed Jaeger


Parasitic Jaeger


Pomarine Jaeger




"Richardson's" Cackling Geese (in the east)




Exilipes Hoary Redpolls


Hornemann's Hoary Redpolls




"Solitary" Vireos in Ontario



Glanbrook Landfill


Lock 4, Welland Canal


Pelee Island


Offshore Van Wagner's Beach - Lake Ontario


Niagara River



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